Anita is amazing and very good at what she does! She is always helpful and knows just what to do for all your skincare needs! Very lovely atmosphere and very friendly people! Highly recommend!
Amazing results

Mackenzie Taylor.
Sep 20 ·

Bery nice people, clean and calm enviroment. i do my treatments there and love it!
Luxurious experience · Last-minute appointments · Professional masseuses · Great deals · Free consultation · State-of-the-art gym

Rosanna Marie Viera.
Sep 11 ·

Never judge a book,by its cover. This unassuming strip mall spa looks like a normal nail Salon from outside but inside be prepared for some amazing services from some very sweet practitioners. Very professional, yet personable. I went for 4 services and am very glad I have discovered this hidden gem. My skin hasn't felt or looked this good in a long time!!! Massage, manicure, and pedicure were amazing as well! Can't wait for my next appointment in March.

Joshua Mono-Wong .
Feb 9 ·

Jan was amazing I loved my message! it was my first time and I feel so relaxed! I will be returning soon!
Professional masseuses · Amazing results

Ashley Garcia .
Nov 1 ·

I absolutely loved my massage/ reflexology.
Which was actually, real reflexology not just a foot rub. She customized the massage geared for all my lists of ailments and waved her magic handwands over me!!!
I was revitalized
I will definitely return probably try a facial too.
If someone gets a chemical burn on their face as a woman discribes in her review, usually that means the client forgot to mention using a alpha hydroxy or glycolic based product or even having sensitivity towards citrus or garlic or r_a. Usually not the esthetician s fault.
Anyway see y'all again soon !!!

Jordana Roxy Posner .
April 22 ·

Spa Dior has to be the best one in Waterbury yet. I like this place simply because it saves me for going to Foxwood Casino simply for a massage. I'm so glad I found them local and I've never been happier this their whole service. they are very business knowledgeable and let that be that because people seem to disrespect local businesses. Yes it could be cheaper but I find it a liiiiiiiittle steep but I understand they also use top products maybe that's why. But all in all I enjoy being here each time I'm scheduled. Thank you for great service_@spadior
Clean changing rooms · Nice changing rooms · Great deals · Amazing results · Luxurious experience

Samke Mayise .
June 16 ·

I agree with one of the prior post… Never judge a book by its cover. Anita the owner is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of skin care. I had a pedicure facial and massage there today and loved all three services. They are reasonably priced and exceptionally talented. This place is a hidden gem!

Rosetta Fraleigh .
July 20 ·

I Had an Awesome Pedicure yesterday! Anita is The Very Best and I Always Only want her to do my Toes!
Amazing results

Julie Millett Clark .
July 14 ·

The first time a went was a few months ago for a facial which was amazing! The only thing was I had bought a Groupon for the facial and was told upon arrival that they no longer offer that Groupon but “will accept it anyways “ I was like uh yea because I paid for it. That didn’t stop me because I always like to give businesses chances, so the second time I went was for a deep tissue massage and Anita worked all my kinks out!! I will definitely be a regular here I just won’t be purchasing any more groupons lol

Tee Johnson .
May 19 ·