OxyGeneo™ Facial

OxyGeneo™ Facial

Experience 3-in-1 Results with Spa Dior’s OxyGeneo Facial

When celebrities like Madonna, Kate Middleton and Justin Timberlake swear by a beauty trend, you know it’s hot. Known as a red carpet treatment because of the instant glow it provides the stars, an OxyGeneo 3-step facial nourishes, moisturizes and detoxifies your skin, boosts your collagen production, speeds up cell turnover, and makes your skin super radiant. Need we say more?

What is an OxyGeneo Facial and What Does it Do?

The OxyGeneo facial is a super anti-aging treatment that exfoliates, infuses nutrient-rich ingredients and oxygenates the skin all in one procedure. The non-invasive treatment helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles and yields immediately visible results.

And it lasts a super long time! Its unique 3-in-1 power leaves skin looking brighter and healthier for days after you get the treatment.

An OxyGeneo facial helps smooth wrinkles and define the cheekbones and jawline. Serums used in an OxyGeneo facial also treat uneven skin tone with their rich vitamins, peptides, hyaluronic acid, and botanical extracts.

Since the OxyGeneo facial is packed with a mixture of powerful active ingredients that remain dormant until applied to the skin, it is better than microderm. And it’s preservative-free!

What is the OxyGeneo Facial Procedure and How Does it Work?

An OxyGeneo facial is a rejuvenating treatment that is done in three steps to create amazing results. First, we exfoliate. Then we infuse nutrients and serums into your skin. Finally, we oxygenate to increase blood flow to the area so the active ingredients can do their special magic.


Removing dead cells by exfoliating the upper layer of skin smooths the skin and renews it. This first step cleanses the skin and prepares it to absorb the restorative nutrients to come next.


Infusing preservative-free, nutrient-rich active ingredients into your skin is done with gentle buffing over your entire facial skin’s surface. Here at Spa Dior, you can choose between Revive, Balance, and Illuminate treatments.


CO2 bubbles are produced in OxyGeneo’s third step. The bubbles create a physiological effect that causest oxygen-enriched blood to come to your skin’s surface. The oxygenation increases skin metabolism and capillary flow, so the active ingredients can be absorbed the best.

Benefits of an OxyGeneo™ Facial

Our OxyGeneo facial is just like having three treatments in one. The OxyGeneo facial’s 3-in-1 benefits includet:

  • Skin plumping and hydrating

  • Restored skin volume

  • Renewed youthful glow

  • Increase collagen

  • Reduce hyper-pigmentation

  • Improve skin cell production

  • Reduce appearance of wrinkles


The Magic is In the Oxygen!

OxyGeneo facial begins with an airbrush-like wand applying oxygen and sometimes anti-ageing serums and moisturizers into the face. This facial infuses 84-90% pure oxygen deep into your pores then the oxygen breaks up the molecules to force it down into the deeper layers of your skin. This is extremely beneficial because we only breathe in 20% oxygen on a daily basis and OxyGeneo facial can pump pure oxygen that we are missing into our skin.

After the oxygen infusion, the facial is finished off by a premium masque to enhance its benefits. Clients like receiving oxygen facials before big days like weddings because it offers immediate visible results and it enhances the skin to keep make-up looking fresh and radiant throughout the entire day.

How Long Does an OxyGeneo Facial Last?

The effects of an initial OxyGeneo facial treatment lasts for about seven days, but the more treatments you get the increased effects it will have and the better your skin and neck will look!

How Often Should You Get an OxyGeneo Facial?

You can totally get OxyGeneo facials as often as you like but it’s also recommended to switch things up and do other facials once in a while that targets the current condition of your skin before switching back to oxygen facials again. It is also highly recommended that you get OxyGeneo facials during the summer season in order to soothe and rejuvenate your skin from sun exposure.

Spa Dior’s Three OxyGeneo Treatments

At Spa Dior, we offer three luscious OxyGeneo facial treatments to pamper and restore your skin.

Revive - a deeply hydrating treatment that boosts collagen production, replenishes antioxidants, prevents premature aging and improves texture.

Balance - a clarifying treatment that purifies clogged pores, improves skin texture, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and balances oily skin.

Illuminate - a brightening treatment that reduces pigmentation, improves texture, lightens dark spots, protects skin from sun damage, and reduces lines and wrinkles.

Contact us to learn more about OxyGeneo facials and how you can achieve smooth, clear, super radiant skin today!

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