Your body and mind work together all day, so it’s no surprise that stress in one area can affect the other. For instance, physical inflammation can impact your mind’s ability to focus. On the other hand, mental and emotional stress can impact your muscles and joints. At Spa Dior, we use massage to ease tension and discomfort in both the body and the mind, empowering our clients to face their days with peace and confidence. This is award-winning care you need to experience.

When you choose Spa Dior, you not only enjoy an environment that helps you breathe deep and forget your stresses; you also enjoy the skills of a licensed therapist with at least a decade of experience under her belt. Jan Marie King offers you finely honed intuitive touch, extensive experience, and much-coveted training in the Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique (SMRT). SMRT uses the bones to realign and relax the body. As you can imagine, this technique becomes especially effective when you’re dealing with sports injuries. Whether you just need to relax or you’re recovering from a sports accident, turn to Spa Dior. Jan will make you feel like yourself again.

Massage provides proven health benefits, giving the body a chance to be refreshed and rejuvenated. However, many people find that massage has a similar effect on the mind. At Spa Dior, we’re passionate about improving our clients’ lives with natural products and world-class skill. Learn more today.

Body Treatment & Body Scrub & Sauna

Applying a clay mask all over your body then relax inside our sauna blanket that uses infrared heating to tighten skin. Then firming lotion is applied after your shower to help tighten the trouble spots.

$100 | 60min

Swedish Massage

Long, light strokes to relax the body and mind.

$45 | 30 min
$75 | 65 min
$105 | 90 min

Aromatherapy Massage

Combination of acupressure, sligtly deeper work and aromatherapy to enhance your massage.

$45 | 30 min
$70 | 60 min
$110 | 90 min

Sports Massage

Specifically working an area for your activity. Such as ;golfing, tennis, running, Etc...

$80 | 60min

Hot Stone Massage

Ease tension, relieve tight muscles and recondition your skin using Basalt Lava Stones and therapeutic massage.

$80 | 60 min
$125 | 60 min

Hot & Cold Stone Massage

A very relaxing massage to ease tension, relieve tight muscles and recondition your skin with cold stones to relieve extra tension in neck.

$90 | 60 min
$125 | 90 min


Increase your immune system and relax with gentle working of the body's reflexes in your feet.

$45 | 30 min
$60 | 60 min

Best of Both Worlds

Start relaxing with foot reflexology to boost your immune system then your therapist will work your upper body with everything she found in your feet.

$115 | 90 Minutes (45 mins Reflexology, 45 mins Upper Back, Neck)

Abdominal Massage

Abdominal massage stimulates the Parasympathetic nervous system' which induces a deep state of relaxation in the brain and therefore a wonderful therapy for anxiety, stress and insomnia. It can also work wonders for chronic migraines, neck stiffness, lower back pain, and chronic fatigue.

$ 300 | 1hr

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage focus is on the specialized needs of a mother to be. It can help to reduce back and joint pain along with improving circulation and therefore reduces swelling. Can be done on body pillow or side-lying.

$ 90 | 1hr

Rocking and Rolling Massage

Full body massage that allows the body to relax into an alpha state, feel stretched and mentally unplugged. Feel energized and relaxed when you leave.

$ 90 | 1hr

Ecetric Massage